Ace Hardware Owner Bill Stoermer named Unsung Hero of Stockton

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Stockton is Magnificent

The “Celebrate Stockton is Magnificent” event will again salute local heroes on Saturday, October 5th, 2013.

bill stoermer fremont plaza ace hardware

Bill Stoermer, Fremont Plaza Ace Hardware

There are hundreds – maybe thousands – of good people in Stockton who work to improve the lives of others and to improve the image of the City of Stockton, California. Rarely are these individuals recognized for the unselfish acts they perform. It is these individuals that the Stockton is Magnificent committee wishes to recognize.

The focus of this year’s event is on improving civic pride and recognizing magnificent individuals that work hard to establish Stockton as some place special, often without reward. Five individuals have been selected from the nominations that will be celebrated at this year’s event for their contributions to the betterment of Stockton.

QUALIFICATIONS: The individual must currently be living in Stockton and helping to improve the lives of those in Stockton. Although volunteer work is what we are looking for, we will consider individuals who go above and beyond what is required of their work to improve other’s lives.

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Bill Stoermer of Fremont Plaza Ace Hardware was nominated by Jason Carpenter. Mr. Stoermer has had a successful track record in helping to turn around the lives of released offenders.

Mr. Carpenter was working at a car wash after being released from prison, when Mr. Stoermer hired him to work at his construction company over eight years ago. Because of what he learned, Mr. Carpenter is now applying for his general contractor’s license. Mr. Carpenter cited Mr. Stoermer’s mentorship as a key factor in turning his life around.

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